Increase the lifespan of the battery in your Mac

Manage and extend the life of your Mac’s battery with BatFi, a powerful yet simple battery management software designed exclusively for macOS. BatFi keeps a close eye on your battery’s percentage and charging state, offering intelligent control to ensure optimal battery performance and longevity.

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Requires macOS 13 (Ventura) or later and Apple Silicon


Automatic Charging Inhibition

BatFi launches with your system and actively monitors your battery percentage. Once the charging state reaches a threshold (set by you or defaulting to 80%), the app automatically inhibits further charging when your computer is connected to an AC adapter. By avoiding full charges, BatFi helps extend your battery’s performance over the long term.

Convenient 100% Charge Option

Need maximum battery life for a specific task? BatFi provides a dedicated command in the menu accessible from the status bar icon. With a single click, you can charge your battery to 100% for those times when you require extra power.

Set It and Forget It

BatFi takes care of your battery management effortlessly. Once you’ve configured your preferred settings, the app works seamlessly in the background, requiring no further intervention. Simply set it up and let BatFi handle the rest.

Informative Notifications

Stay informed about changes in your charging mode through BatFi’s notifications. Receive alerts when your charging state transitions and get instant access to battery details by clicking on the status item icon. View essential information like battery percentage, estimated time remaining, battery cycle count, battery temperature, power source status, and overall battery health.

Customizable Status Icon

BatFi’s status icon is both functional and visually appealing. Customize the icon to your liking and enjoy the battery symbol with percentage and charging status displayed elegantly. Witness super cool animations as the state changes, adding a touch of excitement to your battery monitoring experience.